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Welcome to FRAZA

Fraza is a family company founded in former Yugoslavia in 80', at first the company was occupied only with designing and making machines for serial productions. Some of our machines still run after more then 30 years. Along with designing machines we obtained knowledge on various electric components, that we improoved over the years. Our company invented high torque motor, high frequency switching driver along with inductor. All of our product have high power to weight ratio, with very low losses. Most of our knowladge is patented. All of our products are made in Europe.


-1979 company was founded


-1982 Diode measurement system for ISKRA was made


-1990 Grinding machines for serial grinding of ABS-brake system magnets were done for MAGNETI


-1994 First prototype alternator for F1 car was made


-2002 Our electronics hit over 1MHz for the first time


-2006 First High-Q inductors were manufactured


-2012 Patents granted for inductor and electronics


-2014 Webpage came to life



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